Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Afterlife wins the 2019 Hummingbird Flash Fiction Prize

I am thrilled to announce that my short story Afterlife won the 2019 Hummingbird Flash Fiction Prize by the Pulp Literature Press.

Judge Bob Thurber had this to say:

In ‘Afterlife’, the author skillfully tiptoes around grief and heartache, presenting a nicely woven, quirky portrait of life coming at you, whether you’re ready for it or not.

Huge thank you to everyone at Pulp Literature Press and Bob Thurber for organizing and working hard on this competition.

Congratulations to all the talented writers who participated in the contest! Check out the Pulp Literature Blog to find out more about the competition and this wonderful publication.

My story and the runner-up are published in the Pulp Literature Issue 25, Winter 2019. The book is available here: http://pulpliterature.com/product-category/pulp-literature/issue-25/

One of the best things about being a storyteller is meeting new friends. The fabulous Ann-Marie Brown and myself had a great time signing the Issue No.25 of Pulp Literature which includes my short story Afterlife and the gorgeous cover art by Ann-Marie.