Saturday, November 30, 2019

Bench Canoes published in the Land & Territory Anthology

Yet another collaboration of the Iowa Writer's MOOC students has resulted in a wonderful collection of writings. The Land and Territory Anthology by various international authors is available as a free download:

Or a paper publication:

My short story Bench Canoes of the Salish Sea is included in this book. This story has won a Federation of BC Writers competition a few years ago and is now available to a wider audience of readers at

"Land and territory Anthology is our Annual gathering and publication of international authors in the multiple fields and experiences of writing. Previous issues are Whitmanthology, Womenthology, The Brave & The Afraid, The pain that unites us all. The e.books are always free versions and we aim to remain so as a way to share and spread the benefits of writing and reading as a way towards
reflecting reality and sharing our experiences. Please enjoy!"

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Afterlife wins the 2019 Hummingbird Flash Fiction Prize

I am thrilled to announce that my short story Afterlife won the 2019 Hummingbird Flash Fiction Prize by the Pulp Literature Press.

Judge Bob Thurber had this to say:

In ‘Afterlife’, the author skillfully tiptoes around grief and heartache, presenting a nicely woven, quirky portrait of life coming at you, whether you’re ready for it or not.

Huge thank you to everyone at Pulp Literature Press and Bob Thurber for organizing and working hard on this competition.

Congratulations to all the talented writers who participated in the contest! Check out the Pulp Literature Blog to find out more about the competition and this wonderful publication.

My story and the runner-up are published in the Pulp Literature Issue 25, Winter 2019. The book is available here:

One of the best things about being a storyteller is meeting new friends. The fabulous Ann-Marie Brown and myself had a great time signing the Issue No.25 of Pulp Literature which includes my short story Afterlife and the gorgeous cover art by Ann-Marie.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Ancient published by Crannóg Magazine and shortlisted by Flash 500

I am thrilled to report that, after being shortlisted by the Flash 500, my short story "Ancient" has been and selected to be published by the Irish literary magazine Crannóg, in its issue 51 in June 2019.

"Crannóg’s mission is to publish the work of Irish writers alongside the best available worldwide and to show how well such writing sits with the best available internationally."

It's wonderful to be a part of the worldwide community of writers!

July 10 update. My copy just arrived from Ireland. Yey! Thank you Crannóg!

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Afterlife - American Short Fiction Semi-finalist

Every little bit of encouragement helps!

Welcome to Canada Places Second in RCLAS Annual Contest

I am grateful to the RCLAS for this opportunity to share my story with readers of literary prose. Also a huge thanks to the fiction juror and excellent writer Claire Lawrence for her sensitive and insightful feedback.

All stories and poems listed above will be published in the next edition of the RCLAS ezine. For more information, please visit the RCLAS website. This great society keeps supporting and promoting literary arts in our community and I can't recommend it enough to the aspiring writers.

The New Westminster Record published a nice article about this popular competition.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

New Beginnings Reading in Port Moody

New Beginnings is an upcoming anthology by a group of local writers associated with the City of Port Moody Creative Writing program. The proceeds from the book sales will be donated to the Share Family & Community Services Society.

All stories, poems, and essays in the anthology are themed after new beginnings, as interpreted by each author. My short story Snow Angels will be included in this book. That story has already been published by the New Rivers Press in the US and by Momaya Press in the US and UK.

I am thrilled to have this opportunity to make my story available to the readers in our local community.

The May 22 reading is an intro into this project and a warm-up event leading into the book launch, which is scheduled for July 20, 2019 in the Port Moody Public Library.

Stay tuned!

A photo of me reading Snow Angles, taken by the New Beginnings mastermind, Erik D'Souza.
The reading event at the Gallery Bistro was amazing - full house!

Friday, March 15, 2019

Celebration of SFU Authors

Yesterday afternoon, I attended the annual celebration of the Simon Fraser University Authors. It was an inspiring gathering and a great opportunity to meet accomplished authors from the community. I felt deeply grateful and honored to be included in this event for the two of my short stories published in 2018, which comply with the SFU criteria.

"The Annual Celebration of SFU Authors is a university-wide event that publicly acknowledges and honours our faculty, students, staff, alumni and retired university community members who have authored or co-authored a publication, or its equivalent, within the past year.  The event is an opportunity to encourage academic dialogue and ensure that works by SFU Authors are available to the University community through the Library's collection."

More about this celebration can be found here:

Huge thanks to the Simon Fraser University Library staff for organizing this wonderful event!