Saturday, November 30, 2019

Bench Canoes published in the Land & Territory Anthology

Yet another collaboration of the Iowa Writer's MOOC students has resulted in a wonderful collection of writings. The Land and Territory Anthology by various international authors is available as a free download:

Or a paper publication:

My short story Bench Canoes of the Salish Sea is included in this book. This story has won a Federation of BC Writers competition a few years ago and is now available to a wider audience of readers at

"Land and territory Anthology is our Annual gathering and publication of international authors in the multiple fields and experiences of writing. Previous issues are Whitmanthology, Womenthology, The Brave & The Afraid, The pain that unites us all. The e.books are always free versions and we aim to remain so as a way to share and spread the benefits of writing and reading as a way towards
reflecting reality and sharing our experiences. Please enjoy!"